19 août 2010



Archetype: Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael, whose name literally means “God Heals,” or “God Has Healed,” protects and overlights the Nature Kingdom—his healing presence extending outward to envelope all Earthly beings, including plants, trees, animals, insects, rocks & minerals, and humans. Through him, the Earth becomes a suitable abode for humanity.

Healing Properties: The pure, clean aroma of Lavender washes one’s energetic field, and soothes and heals a shattered soul force when mental and spiritual properties have become overly burdened. It also assists with negative “self-talk,” and encourages us to rest peacefully, knowing you are never alone on your healing journey.

Healing: [...] your mental anguish and cumbersome worries are washed clean; earthly burdens are lifted; and vision is purified. You can rest peacefully. Raphael drapes His violet blue wings around you, reminding you that you are never alone on your healing journey. The white butterflies in this card represent purity and freedom, for once the mind has been cleansed, it becomes like a butterfly spreading its wings, receptive to sublime messages of liberation. If you are in need of deep healing at this time, Lavender flower elixir will soother your soul. It is beneficial to rub the oil made from the Lavender plant directly onto your body, absorbing its healing fragrance, as well as its healing essence during times of stress, crisis, or illness. Dried lavender is also glorious; sprinkle some around your altar or meditation site, as this will invite the presence of your healing angel, Raphael.

Mon amie la Lavande, te laissera tu apprivoiser cette fois-ci ? Après tout si même ma mère t'aimait, c'est que probablement, on ne peut que t'aimer, ton subtile parfum et tes doucs vertues. Mais il est vrai qu'aujourd'hui encore j'ai bien du mal à admettre que je puisse avoir quoi que ce oit en commun avec elle. Sera-tu donc la clef vers ma guérison ? Saura-tu me protéger ? Je sens bien que ma fatigue des jours passés indique qu'une fois de plus je me laisse imprégner de trop d'énergies qui traînent, des pensées polluantes émises par les uns et les autres, de leurs rancoeurs et jalousies.

Je sens bien que j'ai besoin de Pureté...


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