09 avril 2010

Daily Reading

Je découvre le site de Shakti Gawain, et l'affirmation du jour.

———  Daily Reading • April 9  ———
from Awakening: A Daily Guide To Conscious Living by Shakti Gawain

Our primary selves fear emotions

Our rational, parental, primary selves have learned to protect the child in us by staying away from anything that may potentially be emotional or traumatic. Their idea about how to take care of the inner child is to bury it underground and keep all feelings suppressed. They become very anxious about exploring feelings because emotions make them feel out of control. Their philosophy is to just keep doing what’s worked so far. Why risk changing when they‘ve survived until now? Don‘t rock the boat because any kind of change could be a potential disaster.

It’s true that those parts of ourselves have helped us survive. But they have also cut us off from our very human needs and emotions. We need to acknowledge their fears and concerns, and gently reassure them that it’s safe now to begin to explore and express our feelings.

Daily Affirmation

It’s safe to feel and express my emotions.

Ce sera donc la phrase de méditation de ce soir. Le lien avec ce que j'écrivais plus tôt concernant la carte "expression créative" prends décidément tout son sens. Et dans lequel je n'avais pas tiré toutes les conclusions. Effectivement, parfois on a besoin de se protéger, de tas de choses. Mais il est des moment on l'on est en sécurité.
Je suis en sécurité avec moi-même. Lorsque "je suis", je n'ai rien à craindre. Je peux m'exposer à moi-même, m'explorer.

En toute sécurité.

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